Andrea Klopfenstein

Andrea Klopfenstein
Project Engineer
Peoria, IL

Favorite Music

Prefers comedy, eg, XM comedy stations Blue Collar Comedy, Comedy Central, and Comedy Greats, but also loves HBO’s John Oliver, citing a relevant episode for the theme of this story.


Every seven years the city of Peoria would repair all major corridors and residential roads, but keeping to that schedule became difficult as Peoria’s gas tax revenue declined after 2008. The city ended its pavement preservation program that year, and residential treatment in 2010. It then relied on citizen complaints to identify roads to repair, but that was arbitrary. It needed a scientific approach that was more effective in identifying and prioritizing road work.


Through an RFP, the city found Data Transfer Solutions, a firm that offered sophisticated software and analysis. DTS drives a van across Peoria that takes pictures of all conditions and rates each road with a PCI (pavement condition index) on a scale of 100. A PCI of 70 or above falls into the pavement preservation category, and undergoes routine treatment. Below 70 requires more extensive repairs. DTS also uses the MicroPAVER program to analyze how different budget scenarios might affect road conditions in future years.

As a result, the city can now prioritize repairs on a yearly basis rather than every seven years, applying the right treatment at the right time to preserve roads. Now in the second round of pavement condition assessment, the city invests $5.2 million a year on roadway infrastructure. The alternative of not proactively fixing roads would be more expensive because full reconstruction would be required eventually.

Andrea’s Background

Born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois, and with a BS from University of Illinois in civil engineering, Andrea worked as a stormwater engineer for her hometown, then moved to Peoria with her husband where she became a civil engineer for the city. They have three kids, age 7 and four-year-old twins.

Lessons Learned

Relying on citizen complaints means responding only to the most vocal. So it’s much better to take the emotion and opinions out of decisions and focus on real data.

Startling Fact

Love mystery novels, mostly in a series, fan of authors James Patterson, Robert B. Parker, and Patricia Cornwell.

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