Cindy Patton

With daughter Mina Pepper.

Cindy Patton
Acting Manager
Parking and Mobility Services
Denver Public Works – Transportation and Mobility
City and County of Denver, CO


Denver’s exploding population (712,000, up 100k since 2010) has placed tremendous pressure on its transportation system. The city wanted to encourage both residents and visitors to access the growing number of transportation options (ie, not just traditional modes like cars and buses, but newer ones like shared vehicles, bikes, etc.).


In 2016, the city piloted a new app called “Go Denver,” which offers users three options to get to their final destination: greener, cheaper, and sooner.

Depending on your selection, the app gives you options like Lyft, car share, bike share, and parking, as well as real time info for regional transit service. Like Google Maps, the app also offers walking and biking distances and times.

The biggest challenge with the Go Denver app, which to date has a modest user base, is that it doesn’t allow users to purchase their trips…yet. If you want to book a car share trip, for instance, it will take you to a third-party app.

To take Denver’s app to the next level, the city’s working on tech specs for an RFQ it plans to release this fall. They’d like the next iteration of the app to let people search for, book, and purchase trips with a touch of their smartphone.

Meantime, the city has been brainstorming with other local municipalities about ways to position the app to be the regional tool of choice. A lot of metro area residents work in Denver proper and live in the suburbs but hardly care about jurisdictional boundaries. “People just want to know how to get from origin to destination in a seamless way and have confidence that they have accurate information,” Cindy says.

Cindy’s Job

Heads a team of nine that manages all of Denver’s on-street and off-street parking assets as well as transportation demand management and shared mobility programs.

Cindy’s Background

Born in Oklahoma City, moved to SoCal near the beach and “became a Valley Girl.” Bachelor’s in history from Pepperdine (’02), master’s in urban and regional planning from University of Colorado-Denver (’09). Married to a “space” lawyer (he does satellite contracts), has 2-year-old daughter. Loves traveling to the mountains with family and eating her way through towns; recently noshed on a killer charcuterie board in Aspen.

Startling Fact

Has visited 23 countries and played lacrosse competitively. Picks up gigs as a wedding singer.

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