Tim Cox

Tim Cox
Deputy Director of Public Works
Marietta, Georgia


In 2014, Marietta invested heavily in smart technologies and purchased self-monitoring traffic signs, school beacons, and work zone flashers and signals. Subsequently, the city wanted to extend this smart tech to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, thus creating an even safer environment, through “mobile-assisted awareness.”


Marietta is now updating drivers and others in real time with verbal alerts through its new TravelSafely app. The app links the city’s 120 traffic signals and other beacons with anonymous smartphones to create a connected network. Working with app maker Applied Information, Marietta is testing the free app this fall before releasing it publicly in January, 2018. The app alerts drivers when they exceed speed limits and warns them of oncoming emergency vehicles, work zones, and cyclist and pedestrian crossings.

Lessons Learned

Taxpayers are already paying for smart tech signs, flashers and intersections, so leverage the equipment on hand for new public purposes. Build the infrastructure first before reaching out to citizens through apps.

Tim’s Job

Helps oversee a staff of 93 that oversees fleet maintenance, sanitation services, street maintenance, and traffic operations.

Tim’s Background

Georgia born and bred, Tim shifted from an early rural life to the city, working his way up through the ranks in Marietta’s public works department. An electrician, he started as a traffic signal service helper, became a traffic signal technician, and eventually a supervisor.

Startling Fact

Grew up on a farm and his entire family still works on the farm raising wheat, soybeans, and cattle, except for him.

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