Mike Lunn

Shout-out to A-1 Toilets, which provides a portable model for Mike and his buddies each May for their annual fishing trip (this year near L’Anse, Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula).

Mike Lunn
Environmental Services Department
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Grand Rapids receives broad air-quality data from seven different regional monitoring stations in West Michigan. But the city (pop. 200,000, second largest in the state behind Detroit), wanted to be able to measure the impact of projects like green landscaping and vegetation walls or “road diets” (ie, reduction in number of lanes) on smog at a neighborhood level.


This fall the city is launching a year-long pilot program of 25 air sensors that will be used to monitor projects designed to improve air quality. The sensors will be placed on public buildings and in other spaces with power near project sites.

Start Garden and Seamless, partners in the project, are providing Internet of Things support systems, along with Open Technology Systems, which is developing the sensors. (Other local businesses–Amway and Faurecia–are partnering with the city to monitor air-quality in homes and cars.)  

Data collected from the sensors will be transmitted to receiving stations managed by the city’s parking and mobility department and then made available for third-party systems like Breezometer, a smartphone app that provides hyperlocal air-quality data worldwide. If all goes well with the pilot, Mike says the city will deploy more and use the data to inform its decisions on roads and landscaping, as well as making it available for residents to decide what routes to drive or walk.

Mike’s Job

Works on a team of 144 and handles stormwater, wastewater, and air-quality for the state, and maintenance of water facilities as well as sustainability and environmental issues for the city.

Mike’s Background

Born in Saginaw, MI, grew up in Flint, where he was a swimmer. Married 34 years, enjoys fishing for trout and salmon. Currently spending every spare moment raising money as president of The Michelle Marie Lunn Hope Foundation (named for his daughter who passed away in ’07).

Startling Fact

Captain of the chess team in high school, and likes to do computer coding.

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