Patrick Glynn

Lt. Detective Commander Patrick Glynn
Special Investigations and Narcotics Units
Quincy, Massachusetts

Favorite Music

A mix of country, jazz, and Motown eg, Midnight Train to Georgia (Gladys Knight and the Pips).


Like many American cities, Quincy was seeing its overdose rates skyrocket. A 911 call would bring police to an overdose location, but officers were under instructions to wait for a paramedic to arrive to administer Narcan, a medication used to reverse overdoses. Too often, police watched an overdose victim’s status go from bad to worse to fatal. As the city’s overdose deaths rose significantly, city officials had to do something.


Quincy devised a program to train officers to administer Narcan. Working with city and state health officials, the department redefined overdoses as a medical not a criminal problem, and lobbied to have the state change its Good Samaritan law to cover Narcan injections by police.

The program launched in 2010, and reduced overdose death rates by 66% the first year. The kits also are used to protect officers who are threatened by secondhand effects of being near fentanyl or heroin. Every Quincy police cruiser, motorcycle, boat, walking unit, canine officer and police station has a yellow overdose kit. Since inception, the program has reversed nearly 700 overdoses.

Lessons Learned

Communities need to recognize drug abuse is a public health problem and remove the stigma of criminality. By bringing real life stories to light, you can gain community support for the program. One size does not fit all, so it needs to be individualized to each city and police force.


Oversees the work of two sergeants, five patrol officers, 17 detectives, and a group of mental health and domestic violence clinicians.

Patrick’s Personal Background

Grew up in Boston before landing at the Quincy Police Department. Trained as an EMT, graduated from Hampshire College (BA, ’88) and Anna Maria College (MA, ‘91). Worked his way up from patrol officer to lieutenant detective commander over 32 years in Quincy.


A do-it-yourselfer who loves woodworking and tiling around the house.

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