Chris Anaradian

In front of a wall of paper developer plans and blueprints.

Chris Anaradian
Development Services
Queen Creek, Arizona


Architects and developers these days may use visualization software to better design buildings, but not when they used to deal with Queen City (pop. 35,000, 35 miles SE of Phoenix). It was back to old-fashioned paper and pencils. Local officials felt antiquated tech put the town at a competitive disadvantage compared to regional peers.


Beginning in July 2016, Queen City began its rollout of Accela Permitting, an online permitting and development review program. Developers are filing electronically on the town’s website, streamlining reviews and sparking more collaboration among city engineers and planners.  

Spending about $1 million for hardware, software and office renovations, the city looks to be more competitive and estimates it may save $250,000 annually in printing costs alone.

Lessons Learned

Rethink the workplace. Implement a new business process to reflect new hardware and software. Use a slow, measured rollout to ensure the software works and developers can count on it on the date it goes live.

Chris’s Job

Oversees 35 employees who are responsible for city planning, engineering, traffic, building inspections and code compliance.

Chris’s Background

Born in LA, Chris is a self-described West Coast person. Attended U.S. Air Force Academy and University of Colorado at Boulder (BS, ’96). Engineering specialist in Air Force, worked in variety of development positions in Tempe, AZ, before moving to nearby Queen City.

Startling fact

He was assigned as a weapons inspector while in the U.S. Air Force, “chasing nuclear weapons” all over Iraq.

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